Monday, August 20, 2012

Does estrogen feminize XXY's?

The activity of estradiol concerned me a great deal when I was looking at estradiol (for 6 some years before trying it)... I'm feminine enough, no more needed. The real concern though was osteoporosis and breast canc
er. I have a rare reaction to testosterone that makes it toxic, just won't work for me. Osteoporosis is an expressed lack of estradiol acting upon the bone structure, thats where it started for me, I needed to get my levels up a little higher and couldn't choose testosterone. And.. I identify female so testosterone wouldn't have been an option anyway. Still.. I was looking at osteoporosis which is way more scary than the feminizing issue. 
Then there is all of this documentation about transsexual males who change to females, and they take massive doses of estradiol as well as testosterone blockers, as otherwise the testosterone they produce naturally would suppress the activity of estradiol.  Individuals whom are XXY often find they have naturally elevated levels of estradiol.  Note to doctors, it is NORMAL for an XXY person to have high estradiol, and they should be treated for both.  Bad doctor... bad.. no cookie.
So.. does estradiol cause feminization of a "masculine" XXY person..

Now we really have to talk about how testosterone affects the individuals body, because each person has a different level of sensitivity. If someone with a low sensitivity, whom also has natural testosterone levels about 7% of scale (very high for a female) then that person will not feminize from taking a low to moderate dose of estradiol. This is because it takes only a very small amount of testosterone to offset estradiol activity.

Imagine for a moment that you have small glass and large jar which can hold 1000x as much fluid as the glass. One unit of testosterone will fill the jar for each unit of estradiol which fills the glass. Or about 1000 units estradiol = 1 unit testosterone. So very little testosterone is needed to eliminate the feminizing effects of estradiol. Come to think of it, most XXY guys produce enough testosterone that any low or moderate amount (depending on sensitivity) will not cause feminization.
 So everything aside, anyone taking massive doses of estradiol in the absence of testosterone will experience feminization.  The goal for XXY people is not to take the maximum or even large doses of any drug, but to work with medical professionals to design an individual best case.



  1. Hmmmmm.....interesting ;) Though seriously,although I've been administering estrogen in various forms 'sadly to say intermittently,over the last number of years,I have personally found the minimum pellet dosage (2 x annual) far exceeds my expectations of a good result and certainly falls into line with your theory.

  2. wow your the first person ive ever seen so far on the net who agrees with my belief that xxy is not disorder, i believe it is what you make it, i haven't been tested but im pretty sure i am xxy, i have most of the physical characteristics. im not trans but i consider myself a feminine male, or androgynous male, and i like who i am, i believe gender is a spectrum. people consider xxy men infertile or sterile which is not totally true because testosterone can be drawn up when needed by proper diet and exercise. i feel that a lot of these finding and lack of full information and quick fixes stem from orthodox and bias views of the way people think the world should be

  3. femininity in a man is distorted and transforms into psychological weakness, as indicated in Dr. Clark's list. This type of man tends to subject both himself and others to emotional blackmail. He is unable to solve problems, because he prioritizes feelings and political correctness over truth and reason--in other words, reality. He is dependent, and has a desire to make others dependent as well. In personal relationships, this type of man can never be a true partner