Thursday, July 12, 2012

Testosterone Causes Permanent Damage vs Estradiol

Doctors claim to adhere to the standard of do no harm, and by all observation of their adherence to administering testosterone in all patients with 47,XXY by default they have collectively lied to us.  Testosterone causes irreversible changes in human physiology regardless of the age of the person it is administered to.  One only need look at the results of a female to male transsexual transition to see the clear changes caused by Testosterone.

If a child takes estradiol at about age 12-16, and at any point switches to testosterone they will masculinize normally. The reverse is not true for testosterone. Taking testosterone as the first choice will make irreparable changes in the child's (or adult untreated XXY) physiology.

A person put on testosterone, whom doesn't want the masculine changes would consider the result to be permanent damage. Because it is, permanent damage.

Estradiol does not permanently damage the individual.

This should be pretty simple to understand. The doctors swear to do no harm, but testosterone is their first choice and it does harm by default. Some people are okay with the changes and all the rest of which the number is growing now that support communities are recognizing such people exist, those people are NOT OKAY with the permanent damage caused by testosterone.

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