Thursday, December 11, 2014

XXY: Medical Treatment by Ignoring the Problem

First and foremost XXY is a genetic identifier which will have a variable effect on issues relating to immunological disorders depending on if you have enough hormone in your system to support the immune system or not.  All of the "diseases" like Arthritis, Osteoporosis, and for that matter Cancer are related in that they are natural body reactions to a lack of support.  You can see minor cases of what is essentially starvation/dehydration if you cease drinking water or observe someone else who has... their body stops functioning well and breaks down; This is a simple case.  When a person has a lack of hormone, the body starves too, and when the body has too much hormone the excess is exchanged into other products which cause changes which are just as bad as too little.

In XXY people we have an altered DNA state which causes differences in how we develop, and so far the medical community has agreed that it is most simple to lump all XXY people into one group and ignore the problem.  This doesn't work well for most XXY people, only a very few can tolerate the default treatment, testosterone in any amount the person wants.

Treatment for XXY people should...
1. Establish gender identity of the patient.
2. Treat for gender appropriate hormone requirements based on actual baseline and indicator testing.

Past treatment ignores the gender identity of the patient, which in large groups of XXY people counted from among the entire population, not just males, has several identified groups namely: male, female, neither, and both.  Sometimes called: Male, Female, and Intersex.  Intersex however is a proscribed term in medical science in some parts of the world.  Lumping all XXY people into the male category has caused long ongoing medical problems for most of the XXY population for the past 60 years.

I have studied and followed XXY people for over 10 years, and met/talked with thousands of XXY people.  Individuals who are self-identified in genders Female, Intersex, Male, and Neither.  And I have done a personal study with volunteers for my own edification (See Banding Study) with no intent of actually publishing results.  From this I have attained certain understandings about the XXY population.

1. The vast majority of XXY people are not male.

  • About 15% of the known population are male, should be male, and tolerate testosterone well.  These XXY people can take testosterone without significant side effects, and do not require additional cocktail of drugs to counteract the bad effects of testosterone.
  • About 60% of the known population are Intersex, meaning they identify with both male and female.  This group has a much smaller (part of banding study group 4) group that can tolerate testosterone with few side effects, or at least no need for additional drugs to counter the testosterone caused side effects.  Some of the (banding study group 4) group choose to try testosterone and most do not.  The remainder of the group (part banding study groups 3 and 4) should not take testosterone because it will require a cocktail of drugs that do more harm than good. 
  • The last 25% are female (banding study groups 1 female, and 2 intersex female) and absolutely should not ever be prescribed testosterone.  This group is female, should take estradiol as needed.  
2. Testosterone as the default treatment for XXY people is causing more harm than good.
  • Among the 20% (banding study groups 5 and part of 4) testosterone should be used because the individual can tolerate the hormone without major side effects.  This group self-identifies as male.
  • The rest of the XXY (the Known XXY population) is not and has never been male.  The default treatment (assumed male and testosterone) for these people is causing detriment and harm.  
  • About 10% of the XXY known population is female with a uterus and vagina, these women should not be lumped into the male only treatment ever, and yet they often are.  Doctors insist they are XXY and attempt to treat them as transsexual females or worse transsexual males.  This is abhorrent at best and criminal.  The definition of female is the presence of a uterus, and yet doctors would have you believe these people should be surgically altered near birth to remove the uterus and raised as boys.  Criminal!

3. Using XXY population as justification for treatment of non-XXY people directly harms the XXY population.  This includes:

  • Transsexual XX or XY people.
  • Other genetic groups such as XXYY boys.
4. The group that is XXY includes:

  • Any number of X's and one Y.
  • Mosaic's of "Any number of X's and one Y."