Monday, September 1, 2014

What does Cancer have to do with Autoimmune Endocrine Diseases

I'm going out on a limb, into a very controversial topic which has numerous people affected, effected, and left countless people the world over in a great deal of emotional pain.  It cannot be understated how divisive the topic of Cancer.

It is unfortunate that there is so very much money to be made on the sick and dying patients, the world over.

Lets start with what cancer is:
1. ... a natural process of the human body.
2. ... uses hormones in the endocrine system to make other hormones. 
3. ... has many different variants for each localized region of the body.
4. ... is commonly described as a growth of cells in a region which can lead to a tumor.
5. ... the less benign forms kill the patient.
6. ... the common treatment, chemotherapy often kills the patient.

Cancer is an endocrine disease that directly effects and is also protected by the body's immune system.  The most common treatment is chemotherapy which destroys the body's immune system, and then finally the cancer.

All good right, we're on the same page.

When a patient enters "remission" the cancer growth stopped, the tumors stop growing or shrink, and the patient stops dying.  To get here the patient follows a guide provided by doctors which takes all of the stress out of their lives, reduces their food intake to only the most healthy foods, and specifically removes all known impacts to the human immune system.  Further, the process of following the guide helps the patient to live a far less stressful life.  All of this lowers the total load on the patients body Immune System.  Which in turn also lowers the requirements for stress load hormones: cortisol, dopamine, serotonin, etc..

I know what you are going to say.. But Onni... Serotonin and cortisol are totally different!  Well yes, and no.  Look at it this way, there are 30 major hormones and about 90 minor ones (misnamed since minor only means localized to one organ, serotonin = brain), and of those there are about 25 which deal with stress.  Lower your need for stress hormones, and if your "cancer" is related to stress then you don't need as much of that "missing" hormone and if your need falls under your threshhold of what you can make without the tumor; The tumor shrinks and cancer goes into remission.

Simple.. ? ehh... no.. Nothing about the endocrine system is even remotely simple.

Take for example, the hormone Adrenaline, it is probably the most simple case, which if you stop making it your heart stops.  Simple right, no adrenaline and you die.  A cancer of the adrenaline makes ... adrenaline and your heart doesn't stop.  The problem is the treatment, we do not have a means of feeding minute and exacting portions of adrenaline to the heart every minute or so for the human heart to keep beating.  The patient is going to die whether they are treated or not, difference in slowing the tumor is about 3-6 months of life; If you can call living in pain in a hospital, life.

Most cancers that people have today are related to regulation of estrogen and testosterone, ie breast cancer and prostate cancer.  No surprise really, our environment is full of endocrine disruptors, and even our food supply is highly compromised.  If you consider that compromised food and the oil you like to bath in are actually Poison... then it makes sense that if you bath in and eat poison for 30-40 years you'll be affected by it.  This doesn't account for kids battling cancer at the age of 2+, unless you dig deeper, which I'm not going to do in this posting.

As someone who has been researching autoimmune diseases for the past... damn I'm getting old.. the gap from osteoporosis to bone cancer isn't large.  Osteoporosis is a loss of sufficient nutrients and or an absence of estradiol for the system of bone replacement to function.  Cancer of the bone is a loss of ..(how to sum this one in one short sentence..?) it is a loss of a significant hormone in the process of blood creation, the cancer makes up the difference needed to keep making red blood cells, which without you die.

I have a long history of not quoting the doctors, studies, etc.. which I pull or support information from, and I'm not going to start now.  It was notable however, recently that a study was published where the medical community finally admitted that beating Cancer to death (along with the patient) was not productive and that Cancer cannot be cured, because it is a natural process.

Chemotherapy is a drug/radiation treatment which bilks the patient out of a massive amount of wealth, without really providing anything in the way of real medical treatment.  There is so... much... money .. to be made from sickness and death.

Cancer is an Endocrine Disease, related to other Autoimmune Disorders, which can be acquired through prolonged poisoning.  Its quite simple (or ridiculously complex).