Monday, June 11, 2012

47,XXY females documented by pubmed

It is astonishing to me that despite documented cases of women with 47,XXY the various institutions including groups in the USA continue to insist that 47,XXY must only be Klinefelter's Syndrome.  Dr. Klinefelter studied a gendered issue regarding males whom did not feel themselves to be sufficiently masculine.  It was found in the hodge podge of science which uses XXY people as test subjects mostly that there are people whom are assumed to be male whom have womens breasts, a more feminine features or the lack of masculine markers.

It was only recently that OII Australia asked a research group that had never before considered that XXY people could be female if they were only interested in XXY males.  The research group responded with this statement suggesting that XXY and Klinefelter's Syndrome be separated in the light that there are non-male XXY people.   Download 

With the advent of new DNA sequencing systems and the costs falling rapidly I expect we will find far more XXY females in this world than expected.  The lack of knowledge in this regard stems from the lack of genetic testing done on women, and a very narrow view promoted by medical science as an establishment.

Returning to the links posted at the top, as much so I don't lose them as anything else.  It is important to note that current thinking in the origin of the X's from parents has a great deal to do with the gendered identity of the XXY person.  Not to mention the degree of effect of the chromosomes upon the physical appearance of the individual.  This is a rather fascinating topic, right at the cutting edge of medical science.

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