Friday, December 27, 2013

Banding Study followup...

Several people have expressed interest in the "non-published quasi-scientific study" I did for my own understanding of the XXY phenomena and how we respond to hormone intervention.  Its quite a alot more broad a topic than I have revealed to date, but the rest is mostly for my own understanding.  None of the work to date is documented or referenced because I do not want anyone picking up and republishing my work.  If the study were to be published it would be in a doctoral level peer reviewed medium.

So I have a couple of ideas for you, specifically for XXYers to better understand youy own predicament.
1. The study is devised on a concept called percent of scale, meaning that the banding group participants (male, female, intersex) which come from all parts of the world and from many testing environments can meaningfully compare their results and base hormone assays with others.  For example, someone doing a testosterone test in Australia might have a result in nmol/L in the range of 0-30, with a normal male range of 12-30; While someone in the USA might be receiving results in the range of 0-1000, with a male range of 350-900.
  • Different Ranges of Results: Every company or state which does hormone testing uses devices which produce similar results with in a common error, but they are not the same. Even a lab corporate giant like Quest Labs in the USA which has testing centers in every major city (dozens of centers) has variance in their absolute ranges reported in their tests.  This is a result of using different machines which affect the total range as well as other issues which result in larger or smaller known error.  
  • Error is scientific term of absolute value, known to be correct withing a range of +/- some much smaller value, and we are dealing with very small numbers indeed in the nano and pico ranges.
  • We can talk about estradiol in the same fashion as testosterone, although its chemical range identifier is different representing even smaller quantities as pg/ml and pmol/L.  The 'p' is pico.
  • Testosterone is expressed in ng/dl or nmol/L, and the 'n' is for nano.
2. The concept of percentage of scale is specifically the absolute value of the resultant test as a percentage of the scale represented.  For example:
  • A result of 100 on a scale of 0-1000, is 100 divided by 1000 equals 0.1.  We interpret the 0.1 on a range of 0.00 to 1.00, or we multiple the results by 100, either way the percentage of 0.1 is 10%, or .. 0.1 x 100 = 10%
  • A result of 4 on a scale of 0-30.  4/30 = 0.133333, and we only care for this exercise about the first three digits so 0.13 is our answer, which is 13%, or 0.13 x 100 = 13%.
  • A result of 240 ng/dl on a scale of 0-1200 ng/dl, is 240/1200 = 0.20 or 20%.
3. The bands in the study are a reflection of the base hormone testosterone pre-treatment with any supplements and then tracked on graphs that correlate:  X axis: percent of scale of testosterone (0-100%) to Y axis: quantity, second as LH, FSH, and base estradiol level. There are several ways to interpret the graphed results.  I can ascertain with a high degree of confidence several factors of the individuals life including gender identity and preferred case for hormone treatment from the results.  The bands reflect the five groups which are then apparent upon the graph broken down by base testosterone quantity.

  1. Range below 4%.  Female.
  2. Range below 6%.  Female or Intersex.
  3. Range below  9%. Female or Intersex.
  4. Range below 15%. Intersex or Male.
  5. Range above 15%. Male.
Following the bands and interpreting the additional data it is fairly simple to determine the gender of the person, their gender identity, their hormone balance levels, and in simple determine how to better manage the XXY hormone replacement process.

If I can determine and hold a high degree of confidence in the results, then it is absolutely criminal what medical practitioners are doing with their forced masculinization process that is being applied to all XXY people under the "recommendation" they be given testosterone by default.

Seeking a credible PhD who would like to study and establish the population of XXY people.  Please inquire.  Thank you, Onnineko (

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