Thursday, October 31, 2013

Engineering the Perfect Human

Hands down, the human body is a marvel of complexity.  From my point of view it is a beautiful complex machine.. and yes robotics is a hobby of mine, it is not a long stretch from engineering robotics and designing artificial intelligence to the function of a bio-system or the human body.  Engineers use some of the same relays to do the same work.  We have feedback systems just like the human body has feedback systems.  When there is voltage on the wire that means its a "1" or an "on" .. when there is feedback in the bio-circuit it is a "1" too.  Engineering the human body is .. necessary to understand.

That isn't to say that an engineering degree will get through molecular chemistry, but the addendum knowledge can be learned and applied.  This is after all why we go to to college, to learn to learn, to think and apply, to build understanding and expand knowledge.

I started in engineering of electrical systems and computer science, and since then have never stopped learning.  There have been some detours through medicine, law, and a multitude of other topics.  Life is a process of experience.

Right now, the topic is how sufficient levels of estradiol impacts the rise and fall of Insulin (yet another major hormone), and no, I do not have diabetes nor ever plan to have it.  More specifically I am planning to never acquire any of the major immune deficiencies that us XXY people are supposedly (lies, all lies!) predisposed to.  Okay, maybe the researchers have a point, in the absence of balanced hormones including estradiol people whom are XXY do and are much more susceptible to all manner of immune deficiencies.

Thats right... the medicalized person that is XXY, whom for the convience of the medical establishment are forced into the male role. Most XXY people have, less usually less, a penis, I was less lucky.  ..WE.. are pushed into the male role because to admit that we are intersex would destroy the lie of the binary gender system.  And when we are forced to grow up as male only, the system only cares if we have enough testosterone.  It should be no surprise that in the absence of medical care, we WILL develop immune deficiencies and diseases from the LACK OF ESTRADIOL.

Cause of Osteoporosis: LACK OF ESTRADIOL...
cause of all Immune Deficienies (like lupus).. LACK OF ESTRADIOL
Arthritis: LACK of estradiol.. 

Huh.. that was easy.  Well its not, not really.  There are endocrine disruptor in our environments which also cause a lack of estradiol in natal females, which is why so many are experiencing Breast Cancer, Cancers in general, and numerous other problems like Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  When you compromise the body system by inhibiting its use of estradiol the body eventually breaks down.

Simple.  Those of us whom are XXY are only more suspectable to all of these issues because we are BY DESIGN of the medical world deliberately made estradiol deficient.  That is if we continue to accept the dogma that all XXY people are male and only need testosterone.

Our highly religious binary gendered system is the cause behind the incredible stupidity shown by the medical establishment.  Oh my god, we can't possible prescribe estradiol for a male...

Yes, most all of the major problems our society fears right now related to diseases of the human body are caused by our society and its idiocy over gender.  There is also some considerable responsiblity to be laid to the feet of our EPA for the absolute idiocy which led to the shutdown of all coal plants in favor of burned oil, but thats another rant.  EPA=Idiots.

Bottom Line:
All human beings need a balanced Estradiol system or they will develop diseases.

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