Friday, February 3, 2012

Transsexualism might well be Genetic

Now isn't that just fascinating. Not only because the funding is available to look into why Transsexuals are the way they are, but also they number 1/10th of the comparable intersex population, or less; Far less. And yet they get all the funding, the studies, the time spent determining why they exist. Frustrating, it is.

How about we determine the genetic basis of the known intersex conditions like XXY?

Personally I believe that when they get around to studying the genetic level of XXY, it will devolve the entire conversation about XXY people being male and the researchers know that. Which would cause some issues, if not out right problems with the recommended treatments for this entire class of people. Not to mention the civilsuits for using the class of people as live test subjects for male and female subject drug treatments.

But what can we hope for?


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  1. That's because for Us intersex people, we don't have A list celebs who are are affected by it. If we did, Intersex would get much more research funding