Thursday, June 23, 2011

Endocrine Anomalies and the Function of the Liver

Some time ago it occurred to me that the blackouts (caused by ...fructose at a guess), exhaustion (caused by wheat..), abrupt puffiness (some meds I'll never touch again), and a few other issues might have something in common to the brain. So I started researching how the brain is fed, brain food specifically. Which led me to Cirrhosis, the state in which the liver stops functioning and passes toxins to the brain via the now impurity laden blood.

Ooooooooh and the lights snapped on!

What I had to ask causes the liver to function... and of course this was obvious that afore mentioned endocrine system, which doesn't work all that well, if at all. Oh yes, this picture comes clear and it isn't pretty. But...!... the picture is clear for a whole class of people, I just happen to be the pigeon; Impurities of toxins passing through the liver and into the brain, can we say alzheimer's (memory loss). Allow me to draw some lines in the sand, no wait lets not. Could it be that the underlying theme of significant major disease in the USA is caused by the "good living" of the USA and the torture we force our bodies to endure for a lifetime might have some effect on burning out the ability of the liver (used to call this liver disease) to function. My cause was a medication that disagreed with me, and caused nasty side effects. I can only imagine that forcing oneself to eat, breathe, and drink light toxins will eventually burn out the bodies' filter, the liver.

My world has changed to support this loss, so many bits of food and drink must now be ignored and avoided. But then my personal interaction has not suffered blackouts and memory loss since.

Speaking of fun topics I just recently read about this group: or perhaps person, who wrote an interesting letter you can find here: . It is certainly the truth that the psychiatrists have no business dictating to me (an intersex person) what gender I can be. Intersex/DSD persons should not be subject to the DSM.


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  1. To the best of my knowledge you're mistaken re cirrhosis. It's only in relatively final stages of cirrhosis that the blood/brain barrier passes ammonia into the brain. Extreme confusion and possible hallucinations result.
    The rather more interesting effect is something that I can testify to from personal experience. The liver controls hormones from the pituitary and it's not completely uncommon for this to change and pump out estradiol instead of testosterone. In my case and others - obviously no records because of gatekeeper issues - this precipitated gender issues and hormonal transition all in one, especially since spirolactone is the normal long term diuretic prescribed for cirrhosis sufferers since liquid retention can be a major problem.