Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Relative Age of Two Genders

Its been a while since I last posted and in the mean time I have been busy, well, more or less. Among other topics recently read a book by Louann Brizendine M.D., "The Female Brain", and this has brought to light a question: "What relative age am I as a female and as a male?"

Brizendine had several good points, and clearly elucidates a number of issues which have remained a concern for me. Nothing I have ever tried worked perfectly in the attempt to balance hormones, so we try and try again. At the present I have been cycling estradiol and progesterone, I fear perhaps too much progesterone though. And I wonder if perhaps the progesterone deficiency isn't a hereditary issue, there might be some truth in that. Either way, I have literally no testable level of progesterone unless I supplement, and a little bit does feel better. A question I have tried to resolve before is how much progesterone should I take? Even the Mayo Clinic is silent on that one, depressingly silent.

If I could establish a mean age of Female and of Male, then it shouldn't be too difficult to decipher what my brain thinks it needs in the way of hormone supplementation. Pity I forgot to pick up an operating manual for the Human, what part of this deal includes writing one, I really want to know. Okay not really, but the idea is entertaining.

And then I wonder if perhaps the Male aspect isn't necessary to pursue, if only because high levels of testosterone (for a female) causes the same effects a female experiences acne being my personal pet peeve, but also hair loss, aggression, etc... Nothing there I particularly care for, including the coma part I can't remember it but there's a gap in memory and I'm certain I would have hated every minute.

How does one go about estimating relative physical / brain anatomical age?


  1. Who knows what age our brains are, hence we are two genders in one. I would say that depends on how much you inputted - testosteron would have grown our male half and estrogen the female half. Right now i put my male half at about age 20 and my female half at about 12( small breasts, voice elevating and stuff.
    My question to you have you found taking estrogen to make you feel better or worse?

  2. I got some news for you guys, you're all male, that's your sex. Your gender, well you can answer.

    Your brain is as old as you are.

    Do you know your additional X is inactivated? And those genes on it that are active, on the pseudo-autosomal region, have been mapped by the Human Genome Project, and to date none are associated with sex or gender.

    I do believe that testosterone affects your brain development, as it does in all other males. But what I see in XXY's who think their symptoms of disease being representative of who they are also do something else, they liken their sensitive personality traits of emotion to to how they perceive women, which is not true.